A meeting platform for daily use

Meeting Spyder is an online meeting management platform for designing, running, follow-up and improving daily business meetings such as work meetings and those performed by management teams. Meeting Spyder also provides you and your members with a central location to collaborate and stay connected between meetings. These common form of meetings we call Standard meetings.

Imagine always having the most up to date versions of your meeting documents in one place, that is easy to view and access – where ever you are. With Meeting Spyder, this is the reality. Members have easy access to all information and tools available to make shared and informed decisions.

With a Standard meeting account, you can plan and conduct meetings in few easy steps

  1. Create meeting, index meeting agenda and attach documents
  2. Invite participants online or use your own Outlook
  3. Perform the meeting face-to-face, on distance or a combination. Move the meeting forward through the agenda step by step. Real-time note taking and Action Items features for the minutes.
  4. Directly after the meeting a complete summary of what you and other participants brought the meeting is summarized in the minutes based on agenda items.

Meeting Spyder is a tool to help teams, project groups, committees and boards to run productive meetings.