Events, conventions & AGMs

With Meeting Spyder you create a central hub for your event. Participants will get information, download handouts, vote and take part in debates in a simple way and more. Everything is accessible from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Stream Shed can help you with features and related services for paperless meetings and conventions. Our offerings are used in small meetings up to large connventions and meetings. Our digital service to conduct the meeting entitled Meeting spyder. Besides meeting support before, during and after your meeting, we also offer other online services for you to organize large meetings. Please contact us to find out more. Use the form further down on this page.

Depending on what type of meeting you intend to implement, we can offer the possibility to submit motions and proposals through a web-based service before the meeting. Your users can thus self-write and submit motions and proposals so that you get them collected in a structured way. This service is not just another form in a web page. Submitted motions and proposals can then be administered and processed in the service before they are finally exported to be used in a meeting. Please contact us to find out more. Use the form further down on this page.

Some of our features for your next meeting

  • Motions – online submission, consideration and adoption during the meeting
  • Presence administration
  • Electoral register
  • Advanced agenda management
  • Lists of Speakers with differentiated speaking times
  • Parliamentary majority voting, weighted voting, multiple choice, delegate elections
  • Digital documents & annotations
  • Display Surfaces for big screens
  • Protocol & Reports

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